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Foam Rolling

At Sweetspot Training, our foam roller exercise class have been specifically designed to improve flexibility, reduce muscular stiffness, speed up recovery, alleviate pain and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. The class has been developed to target muscles that are commonly over active when performing activities of daily living and work specific tasks. 

You will learn how to safely and effectively use the foam roller and perform self-myofascial release (SMR) of trigger points and connective tissue (myofascia). During the class you will practice rolling over different muscle groups slowly, stopping and holding on sore trigger points until the tension is released, usually achieved in 30 to 90 seconds. You may initially experience some discomfort and pain during your first couple of classes, however if you consistently apply yourself on the roller your level of discomfort will significantly improve.

Foam rolling or myofascial release is used to self-release the ‘knots’ in your muscles restoring optimal function. The technical terms for ‘knots’ are trigger points or myofascial adhesions. Trigger points are essentially points of constant tension that can cause irritation within muscle or fascia and when compressed reproduces pain. 

The causes of trigger points are; overuse injury (repetitive strain), inflammation, stress, prolonged immobility, hormonal or nutritional imbalance and poor posture. Foam rolling releases these trigger points by applying sustained pressure on the soft tissue for a period of time, preparing your muscles for deeper and more effective stretching.

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Benefits of our Foam Roller Exercise

  • Decrease pain, soreness and muscular spasms

  • Increase range of motion and flexibility

  • Prepare muscles for more effective stretching

  • Enhance core strength and stability

  • Decrease post exercise recovery time

  • Improve neck, shoulder, back and knee pain

  • Correct postural imbalances

Roll Away the Soreness…  

Foam roller exercise classes are limited to 12 participants to ensure our clients receive the necessary guidance and exercise corrections during every class. To maximise the benefits of the foam roller we highly recommend committing to some home base use in conjunction with our classes. 

Prior to Commencing Foam Roller Class

  • For hygiene reasons, please ensure you supply your own towel 

  • All participates will be required to complete a PARQ (pre exercise questionnaire)

  • Participates should wear comfortable exercise attire to this class

  • Bring sufficient hydration


  • Vascular conditions such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), blood clots in lower limbs or uncontrolled hypertension

  • Any type of arthritis (osteoarthritis or rheumatoid) that restricts you from supporting your own body weight

  • Pregnancy due to the hormone relaxing causing joints to be more relaxed which can increase instability and cause abnormal motion of specific joints


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